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Take A J.E.M.B.H.A Action

J.E.M.B.H.A is an acronym for Judge Each Man By His Actions (not his color).

In 1993 a photographer by the name of Jane Feldman gathered ten of her friends to take a picture, pausing in front of a graffiti wall designed by an unknown artist.

On April 12 2009 Johwell St-Cilien recreated the photo and posted it on social media.

It was a call for action inviting every community around the world to come together and match this symbol of unity.

Soon after, the world answered the call and close to 30 cities worldwide have come to together to recreate the photo.

The goal is to have at least one city in every country to "take a J.E.M.B.H.A action".

Take a J.E.M.B.H.A action in your city!

Gather ten friends of more, make big a sign that says:"J.E.M.B.H.A, Actions speaks louder than colors", in the language spoken in your community and take a photo with everyone pausing next to it.

Make sure everyone has their fist on their forehead which symbolizes wearing the crown.

Send us the photo at and we will post it on our tumblr blog.

Take stand!

Negus Up! Nigist Up!

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