After collaborating on a very successful program called Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop experience from January 2012 until July 2015, NegusWorld Youth is launching The Royal Connection program which consists in connecting young people with their peers in different parts of the country and the world. Through a structured curriculum, mentorships and the partnership of various organizations, these young minds will experience diversity and learn from each other's cultures and life experiences.

Students of the program collaborate online to create an art project together. The art project can either be a song, a music/dance video, a short film or another art piece of their choosing.



Each project then enters a competition for an opportunity to perform or be showcased on the day of the NegusWorld Wide party, as a contribution to the global fundraiser. As such, students are expected to promote their individual projects on social media to attract attention and win the competition.



We would like to invite youth organizations and communities around the world to be a part of one of the projects to come.

To Support this Program:

The Royal Connection is a workshop-style program consisting in four 6-week projects a year, each connecting two groups of youth from different communities around the country or the world.



The workshop is divided into five activity segments aimed at educating the youth on different topics:


  • self-empowerment (acknowledgement of self, mental health/meditation, and nutriton);


  • cross-cultural knowledge (exchanging community experience);


  • group research (reporting on each other's community challenges and proposed solutions);


  • artistic project development (song-writing, music recording, video production, visual arts design, etc.);


  • and social media campaigning of their project.

Week 1 -  ROYALTY
Week 1 - ROYALTY

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR KINGSHIP/QUEENSHIP AS A BIRTH GIVEN RIGHT. We teach students to picture their birth as a coronation. They enter this world with a crown on their head, and their body and mind are their own kingdom. They learn to understand that they ought to be their own leader. Each student is made responsible for the process of developing knowledge and the actions led by it.

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Week 2 -  UNITY
Week 2 - UNITY

COME TOGETHER, TEACH AND LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER We introduce students to a community from a different city, state or country. Students in each location get to share about their personal life experience through conversation and structured activities. As the connection is made, the program teaches students that unity means people coming together with an open mind and respecting one's personal diversity. They have to be open to learn before they can teach.

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USE THE KNOWLEDGE FROM THIS CONNECTION TO UPLIFT ONE ANOTHER Once students have learned from each other’s community, they conduct research and develop a written plan outlining challenges faced by the other community and suggested improvements.

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THE BETTER PART IN THE ACT OF RECEIVING IS TO BE ON THE GIVING END The purpose of the connection developed over the previous weeks is for students to combine their minds, hearts and talents to create a project that will benefit a youth community in need. Students in each community work individually on project parts that will be combined to create one collaborative art piece. After the project is finalized both communities discuss direction and ideas to promote their creation to the public.

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These weeks are dedicated to recording/editing a music or promotion video and to building a promotion strategy with the help of a social media expert.


Feel free to contact us to find out more about our curriculum, lesson plan and hands on activities.