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NegusWorld was founded on January 1, 2007 by Johwell St-Cilien and Bennchoumy Elien. It was launched as a self-empowerment movement that is, to this day, growing worldwide and successfully connecting many communities.

As the mission of the movement continues, NegusWorld has now expanded into a social profit organization.

Meet The Team

Johwell St-Cilien

"My purpose with NegusWorld is to connect and inspire young artists globally, and to rally other organizations around the world to come together to help children in need."
Johwell St-Cilien, born in Paris/France from a Haitian mother, is the co-founder of the NegusWorld, Inc. and the founder of its philanthropic arm, Johwell is an accomplished videographer, song writer and educator who has partnered to develop a successful creative arts youth program in New York City, known as "Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop Experience".
He most recently developed a curriculum for NegusWorld Youth which consists in connecting students with their peers in different parts of the country or the world

Executive Director

"I am passionate about our responsibility to create opportunities for the next generation and helping young minds express their potential. I am dedicated to supporting NegusWorld's long-term development."​
Dona is a native of Togo in West Africa, and grew up in the South of France. 
She graduated from a French University with a Master of Laws specializing in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. She went on to pursue professional and volunteer opportunities with various nonprofits and a litigation firm, before recently joining the legal department of a major Internet company

Dona Bellow


"I'm honored to be a part of NegusWorld and to serve the youth who will lead us into tomorrow. I was instantly impressed with how Johwell and his team use Music to move and motivate the kids. The art form is universal, engaging and powerful. Negus up, Nigist up!"​
Sterling James has been a strong vocal presence on the FM dial in the Bay Area since 1987.
Her consistent presence on major music radio stations and events across the Bay Area has led to high familiarity among the public, and her sassy, sharp personality has endeared her to a generation of fans.
Mrs. James currently appears live on San Francisco heritage R&B 102.9 KBLX Monday through Friday 10:00AM-3:00PM, and Sundays from 9:00AM-2:00PM.
She made an appearance on the Oaktown NegusWorld Youth music video and is the newest addition to the NegusWorld board of directors.

Sterling James

Board Member

Barbara Howard

Board Member

Ms. Barbara Howard has been serving families, youth, young adults and communities for over 27 years as a community activist, life coach, mentor and event planner.  In these roles she has impacted and touched many lives in the greater Bay Area. "Ms. B" is also an entrepreneur, radio host, poet, author, mom, and founder & CEO of BH Brilliant Minds Project Inc., a nonprofit organization that "Embraces The Minds of the  Youth Towards Excellence".

I am honored to have this opportunity
to serve and be part of an organization like NegusWorld.
NegusWorld is allowing my dream to come true:
it has always been a desire and hope of mine to connect young people from all over world in order to be creative, and to start businesses that will give them economic sustainability and a foundation to build upon.
It is important to me to give young people opportunities to be their best.
I believe that when brilliant minds get together, there is nothing they cannot do.
We are empowering creative minds that will change the world.

"With NegusWorld, I plan to continue to reach out to the youth of the planet sharing my ancestral knowledge full of love and empowerment. I am excited of what is to come. It is only the beginning!"

Stoney Creation joined the team as a 16 year old artist from the Cosmos who has been raised and currently resides in Oakland, CA. She is a writer, singer, MC, dancer, lover and fighter for justice and enlightenment. Stoney is a member of the Dance-A- Vision dance company and is co-founder and one third of the artist collective, Tatu Vision.
Tatu Vision, like NegusWorld, strives to unite communities through creating spaces for youth to perform and express themselves. Tatu Vision holds monthly events at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice located in Oakland and perform soulful hip hop gems frequently around the Bay Area.
Stoney’s music

Stoney Creation

Board Member/
Youth Advisor

Jada Imani

Board Member/
Youth Advisor

"My purposes with NegusWorld is to build bridges and foster connections in the global community. 

We will live holistic and regenerative lives with the leadership of young, creative visionaries. 

I will also stay engaged in my personal development as an artist and a person with the help and inspiration from the NegusWorld family. "

Jada Imani is an MC, dancer, Youth Speaks Emerging Poet Mentor, nonviolence practitioner, and co-founder of Tatu Vision.

She works towards a vision of regenerative communities through her performance and healing arts.

Jada builds coalitions with communities of poets, Hip-Hop heads, enterpreneurs and permaculturists alike.

She curates and hosts at least two events on behalf of Tatu Vision each month.

These events are always intentional, donation-based and all ages.

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