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| NWWP 2017 will fly out youth from Oakland and Paris to Ecuador for a cultural connection through music, adventure and permaculture

Following our third annual worldwide fundraiser for Tanzania, we plan on launching an international youth music contest and award 8 participants ranging between 18-24, from Oakland, California and Paris, France, with the chance to travel for the first time out of their respective country, and fly into Ecuador for two weeks.

Once there, they will collaborate on music projects and work with local leaders that will educate them on how to build a self sustainable community and garden.

Our 3 partners for this project are: Black Intergenerational Zeal (BIZ) Stoop, a youth organization which will provide the contestants in Oakland, "l'Espace Jeune Mahalia" in Paris, and "Wild Child Village", our host in Ecuador.

This collaborative, hands on experience with nature, will broaden the kids' mind and encourage them to create connections with cultures outside of their communities.

This unique adventure will allow them to break out of their comfort zone, and give them the strength and knowledge to succeed beyond their personal boundaries. Through this experience they will have a better awareness of the vastness of the world.

The funds raised during the NWWP 2017 will cover travel expenses, activities, the services of a videographer and compensation of the educators who will teach them self-empowerment through self-disciplinary exercises, as well as the local farmers who will teach them the art of agriculture.

For the initial music contest that select our participants, each contestant from Paris and Oakland, will be asked to produce a simple solo (two minutes or less), cellphone video explaining the importance of connecting with different communities around the world:

The solo can be rapping, singing or spoken words. All contestants will have one month to submit their video to us via email. NegusWorld's youth committee will serve as judge for this contest. The committee will pick 4 winners from Oakland, and 4 from Paris based on how strong their message is and the creativity of their overall production.

Every year NegusWorld produces a theme song and video. This year, our youth participants will be in charge of creating the anthem.

Once the 8 winners are selected, each of them will write a verse individually to a common instrumental. The verses will then be combined to create one collaborative song. The young artists will direct and shoot the video to that song once they meet for the first time in Ecuador.

Daily workshops will include:


Learning to live Sustainably:

Wild Child Village is a Zero Net community which means they recycle and reuse everything. Students will learn the importance of growing your own food, how to compost food waste, how easy it is to harvest energy from the sun with solar panels and how to recycle water with a grey water system.

Creating a spiritual practice workshop

Having a spiritual practice is so important in our busy lives. Students will have daily yoga and meditation classes with renowned instructors to help create a practice that students can take back home with them. They will also learn the healing properties of crystals, essential oils, plant medicine and building altars for their personal space.


Music and dance workshop

Music soothes the soul and dance is all about self expression. Students will get to connect with traditional musicians from Ecuador and also share the music they love. They will also explore the healing properties of sound vibration and the ritual of cultural dance.


Basic Ecology adventures

Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse and eco-responsable places on this Earth. Students will take weekly eco adventures to explore the local jungles, beaches, islands and reconnect with nature.


Bamboo Basics Workshop

Wild Child Village is built with one of the world’s most sustainable and fastest growing plant, Bamboo.  Students will learn how easy and diverse this wood is to work with. From building structures, to vertical planters,  to speakers for your Iphone, students will get their hands dirty and learn local techniques for building and creating with bamboo.


Team building workshop

Living and working in community is fun yet challenging. It takes organization, trust and communication to be successful.  Students will learn problem solving, adaptability and to openly express themselves in a healthy way within a group. There will be daily council meetings to create new understandings of self and tribe within the group.

In these times it's important for us to come together and collaborate. Help us by producing an event in your community and celebrate with us around the world on June 3rd 2017

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