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The Negus-Worldwide Party is a yearly event that consists of uniting countries around the world in celebration, on the same day, to fundraise money for children in need.


Over the years, our fundraisers successfully provided school lunches for students in Haiti (2014), contributed to building a soccer field in Brazil for children who did not have a safe place to play (2015), helped reunify families who had been separated at the border (2019), and provided scholarships for girls in Liberia (2021).



"True Royalty is about taking care of your people." As we celebrate together, we collect funds from all the events worldwide and donate them to a youth-based organization in need. The recipient organization changes every year as we target different countries.


Organize and celebrate through a big party event, concert or even a small family gathering. The important thing is that we synergize. You can create a party or join a celebration in your community.

Tell us what your plans are for the next NegusWorld Wide Party! If you wish to produce an event, please reach out to us at and provide detailed information about your plans. All events information will be posted on our website prior to the celebration.

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